Wednesday, 25 November 2015


A guaranty is an undertaking to meet a payment or other obligation on behalf of another. It's usually made in writing. More than one are known as guaranties and they're made by a guarantor.

A guaranty can also be something used as security for a guaranty.  So a guaranty should, in theory, guarantee that the guaranty is met.

Confused yet? If so, don't worry about it and stick with guarantee. That can be used instead of guaranty as well as meaning a formal promise or assurance.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I quite often cogitate (being a gardener and a writer makes it compulsory) but have only just realised that excogitation is also a thing. That means to think out or contrive, whereas cogitate is to ponder or even meditate.

By my calculations that means I can now spend twice as long looking at the pretty flowers and claiming I'm working by plotting on my plot.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Nice word cusp. Can't think why it isn't used more. It's not as though it doesn't have many uses.

A cusp is a pointed end where two points meet. This could be part of a tooth (pre molars are bicuspid as they have two pointy bits) or an architectural or biological feature. Eg the top of a gothic arch, a leap point or part of the valves in our hearts.

If a mathmatical curve reverses abruptly that change is marked by a cusp and cusp is also the name given to the pointed ends of a new moon.

Cusp can also denote a transition of some kind. Those who's birth sign is on or near the end of a period are said to be on the cusp. Eg if your birthday is on 20th March you're on the cusp of Pisces and Aries (what that means I haven't a clue!) Teenagers are sometimes considered on the cusp of adulthood (as are middle-aged writers!)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Dappled Things

There are both fiction and non fiction competitions here. Both have cash prizes.
For the fiction they're looking for, "carefully crafted short stories with vivid characters who encounter grace in everyday settings".

There wasn't enough sun for these trees to cast dappled shadows, but I'm sure that at times they do. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Today* is the launch date of my latest novel - Firestarter. It's a romantic comedy with a hot fireman and a few flames. (just pretend you don't know me when reading chapter 15, OK?)

*Good choice of date, eh?

To join in this launch party, just bring along something, or someone, hot!


Alice has a fantasy. It starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends in him not needing his uniform. At the New Forest Show, Alice is offered an innocent version of her dream. Reluctantly she turns down fireman Hamish's invitation.

Despite Alice's blameless behaviour, boyfriend Tony's obsessive jealousy kicks in. Hamish wants to take Tony's place, but a hoaxer ensures Alice already sees far too much of Hampshire Fire Service. The threat of an explosive sprout surprise, her mum's baking, sister Kate's mind boggling pep talks and the peculiar behaviour of Alice's boss Miles provide distractions.

Is Alice really in danger? What is Kate up to? Can Hamish possibly be as perfect as he seems? It takes Alice masses of wonderful food, disgusting wine, smelly mud, red footed crows and steamy Welsh passion, but she finds the answers. And rethinks her fantasy.

Thanks to all the people who've helped with promotion. You can find links to all the interviews and guest posts about the book, my writing process, locations, characters and wildlife here.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

The first Wednesday of the month is when many writers share their insecurities and/or offer support. Do join us.

I have a very good reason for feeling insecure as tomorrow is the launch date of my latest novel, Firestarter. I'm sure I can't be the only author who feels a little nervous about how her book will be received.

Underneath the nerves there's a touch of optimism. I loved writing this book. If it's half as much fun to read as it was, people are going to enjoy it. I've also had extremely generous support from bloggers and writers when it came to publicity. Thank you! You can find details of the interviews and guest posts here.

If you can, please come back tomorrow for the launch.