Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A few days ago I mistyped the word entertainment as entrainment. No wiggly red line appeared underneath, so I realised it was an actual word. One I didn't know. As I'm just a little odd, I was rather pleased with that ... until I looked it up.

It means to get on a train. Why that should disappoint me I can't really say.

Entrain can also mean to drag along, or when applied to a fluid, to carry particles along in its flow. Eg The tea leaves were entrained from the pot into the cup.

Oh! I've just cheered myself up by remembering I took a photo (OK lots) of a steam train in Scotland. Three points if you can name it.


  1. No way I could name the train.
    Don't mistype entrain with an l - you'll get some rather graphic images online.

  2. Can't name the train but I've also just come across the word entrain - Helen Dunmore uses it in The Lie. Coincidences eh?

  3. If we had superhero powers I'm sure we'd be able to name the train.

    Next time I have to go by rail I'll definitely say I'm going to entrain today. :D

  4. I'm looking forward to being entrained or entraining on Saturday!

  5. Is The Flying Scotsman just too obvious?


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